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[***excerpt from the book, “CRITERIA of a MAN”, My DIARY***]

Do Not Accept

Why continue to justify HATE?
Murder under religion
Psychologists make excuses for Rape
He robs
He has killed
Because he grew up poor?
She molested little girls
because her Daddy called her a whore?
My grades slack because I am Black
I have no future because my school LACKS?
Qualified teachers

What does that really Mean?

All of them had to go to college
It is not up to them to make a kid Dream
I joined a team
to help mold some futures
But my team today 
is stopping children from developing into self-sufficent Troopers
based on their parents income
and the beautiful tint in their skin
now determines their path

and when they need help…

how much they are truly willing to be given

trying to gain notches under their belts…
Now no one can know or really cares
How another person has felt
Except GO(o)D
He has made MAN with his own key

To justify his own path
To be a good addition to Society…
So never ACCEPT, or even better
Don’t live by an “Excuse”
You Alive
You breath
born equal and bright
So take a DEEP ONE
And let your potential loose 

(I am a HAZARD)

"CHURCH GIRL"…I believe in more than Myself

#Church #GOD #religion #trueRelgion #spirituality

"CHURCH GIRL"…I believe in more than Myself

#Church #GOD #religion #trueRelgion #spirituality

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